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 Dear Member

 Extraordinary General Meeting: 16.00, 28th September
Further to our letter dated 27th July, the required number of WRA members responded with requests to convene a WRA EGM and we have been working to arrange the EGM in a safe and secure manner for the Association. The EGM will be convened at 16.00, 28th September, via a Zoom video conference. If you wish to participate, then please inform us at info@wra.org.uk and we shall respond with the dial-in details. In parallel, you will be receiving an email from Mi-Voice which are experts in independent and fully managed multi-channel electoral services. This email will provide a unique code for your household that will enable you to vote on the resolutions, which will be explained and discussed during the EGM, in a timeframe starting from 16.00, 28th Sept, to 18.00, 30th Sept. Thereafter, we will inform you of the voting results.
Based on members' feedback, 6 resolutions are being proposed as follows:
  1. That the WERC publishes within 7 days a credible up-to-date plan for the implementation, costing and preservation of ratepayers' money of a VAC scheme and will not incur any further expenditure without a majority of Estate residents responding (subject to a minimum number of responders of 200 residents from separate households) to a poll to be conducted by the WERC - with oversight from a Local Councillor - confirming that they consider the plan to be credible.
  2. That the WERC propose an equitable remedy to ratepayers to make them good for any costs wasted as a result of the final approved and implemented VAC Plan varying materially in cost from amounts expended in implementation of the original plan as reported in the AGM of January 2020.
  3. That the WERC immediately engage with the WRA in amending its draft Codes of 'Conduct and Governance' and 'Policies and Procedures', such policies to be agreed prior to the next AGM.
  4. That the WERC enforces the deed of agreement dated 1st June 1997 in relation to Wentworth Drive and remedial works are completed by end-2021.
  5. That all current WERC members present themselves for re-election at the next AGM irrespective of whether their term is at an end or not.
  6. That the Executive Committee commissions an independent and reputable law firm to review, with the WRA and WERC, ways of working more collaboratively and effectively in the interests of the homeowners and land owners of the Wentworth Estate prior to the next AGM.  
The full rules, including explanations for above resolutions, for this EGM are attached.
Also attached, for your information, is our response to WERC's letter dated 5th August, which addressed our letter dated 27th July.  
We hope that you will be able to participate in this virtual EGM on 28th September and to vote remotely on
above resolutions; as always, if you have any questions, then please direct to info@wra.org.uk.
Kind regards,
WRA Executive Committee 
Chairman Nigel Moss • Vice Chairman John Pyle • Treasurer Andrea Tenconi • Secretary John Tenconi
Constituency Representatives Phil Andrews • Liz Copping • Ian Cox • Peter Lomas •

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